Why Choose Us

Parabellum sources quality, fit-for-purpose and engaged blue- and white-collar personnel for permanent and project placement. Our personnel have been thoroughly interviewed, reference checked, and skills assessed.

Building engaged teams to deliver better project and workplace culture.

We offer flexible and creative solutions to an unpredictable skills market

We are a key player in our markets for both recruitment and scaleable flexible resource solutions. What do you get when you work with Parabellum Resources? You get our passion for what we do, our collaborative, partnership approach to business, and die-hard professionalism.

  • An excellent service based on the Parabellum Resources 3 Ps of professionalism, partnership and passion – all day, every day
  • The best contractor and applicant care available, coupled with innovative recruitment solutions
  • A fast and accurate response to client requirements that provides value for money
  • A professional service which maximises new technology and business practices

Parabellum Resources seek to ensure that:

  • All our customers are given 100% commitment
  • All candidates are carefully and comprehensively vetted
  • Only the most appropriate candidates are put forward for jobs
  • Our business strategy serves long-term growth whilst enforcing the highest levels of customer service


The benefits of working with Parabellum Resources:

  • We Understand Your Business Parabellum Resources Management team have come from an Operations background, so we can really appreciate and understand the impact of not having the right people when you need them - and the damage that the wrong people can have on your business. Our insights are formed over many years giving you the confidence your project delivery is being optimised.
  • Experienced Workforce From one individual to an integrated team with different professions and levels of experience. At Parabellum Resources we have access to one of the largest and diverse teams available in Australia and the Asia Pacific region. We aim to keep as much of our workforce 'mobilisation ready' as we can, which means medicals in date and tickets current, to assist you to take back control of unplanned events.
  • Rapid Deployment Experienced consultants using the latest tools and software to maximize efficiency. Our onboarding processes are fit for purpose and easily integrated. We can provide a team that will take your project from Candidate identification through all mobilisation steps ensuring Compliances and site readiness through to contract issue and deployment.
  • Flexible & Creative Solutions Our own Enterprise Agreement that supports the needs of our personnel. Parabellum has in-house Legal Counsel ensuring Risk Mitigation and Compliance at all stages of your journey with us. Comprehensive insurances and ISO accreditations for your peace of mind. Parabellum fosters an agile commercial culture. Inspiring good people to be the best they can be.
  • Going Above and Beyond By striving to be the best that we can - challenging the status quo. At Parabellum our mantra is to 'Raise the Bar' and to 'Set the Standard'. In everything we do, our focus is clear - our Clients - every single person that interacts with us, enjoys a service that is second to none.


Our Values

Any project or activity our people undertake is guided by our core company values. Collectively, each value defines our very existence and the beliefs of our people.

Above & Beyond

Going above and beyond – by striving to be the best we can be; challenging the status quo.

Making a Difference

Within the lives of others, each other and those we impact.


We tell it like it is even is the message is difficult to deliver; we tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear.


We look after each other, our clients. We are inclusive and respect others; an open-door approach.


We make things happen; acting quickly without compromising our standards; thinking outside the norm to solve a problem.

Our sectors

We offer solutions that will improve your facility, how it operates and importantly maintains production.
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