From oil and gas, energy and power, to mining and other heavy industries, our experience and expertise gives you better perspectives to be more productive and to focus on what matters.

Making the work of our clients easier and less complicated is fundamental to all sectors we service. From oil and gas, energy and power, to mining and other heavy industries, our experience and expertise gives you better perspectives to be more productive

Projects delivered on schedule and within budget follow a common pattern.

Our specialists developing your facilities share a combination of proven technical capabilities and a skill to establish client relationships Resources though clear and regular communication.

At Parabellum Resources we believe this is the difference between a successful project and one that overruns or exceeds its allocated budget.

Regardless of the sector you operate in, we have solutions that will improve your facility, how it operates and importantly maintains production.


Gold, Coal, Iron Ore, Copper, Nickel, Pot Ash, Lithium and rare earth metals.

Oil & Gas

Upstream, downstream, onshore, offshore, deepwater, subsea and marine.

Power & Energy

Wind turbines, dams, power systems and generators, renewables, nuclear and electrical distribution

Heavy Industries

Ship building, chemicals and plastics, Rail and industrial machinery.


Commercial, Industrial, Civil

Benefits of working with Parabellum Resources

Companies choose us to deliver their project resources through the construction and commissioning stages.
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Experienced Workforce
Rapid Deployment
Flexible & Creative Solutions
Going Above and Beyond

Your Journey with Parabellum

Parabellum Resources team have come from an Operations background, so we can really appreciate and understand the impact of not having the right people when you need them - and the damage that the wrong people can have on your business.

White Collar

Mining Engineers (Surface & Underground) Process Engineers Construction Engineers Civil Engineers Electrical Engineers Electronic Engineers Mechanical Engineers Project Engineers
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Operations & Maintenance

Operations & Maintenance Copy to come  
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Logistics Floor Personnel • Drivers • Forklift Drivers • Freight Forwarders • Labourers • Order Pickers • Storespeople • Warehouse Clerks • Warehouse Customer Service Management • Depot Managers • Dispatch Coordinators • Fleet Controllers • Inventory Controllers • Leading Hands • Operations Managers • Supervisors • Transport Controllers • Warehouse Managers  
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Search & Executive

WE GO ABOVE AND BEYOND, EVERY SINGLE DAY. Identification & Assessment Character, Competence & Cultural fit “Building engaged teams to deliver better project and workplace culture.” We offer flexible and creative solutions to an unpredictable skills market Sectors Serviced; Engineering, Technology, Banking, Finance, Technology, Legal & Commercial. Our Executive Search service includes a dedicated executive consultant, face to face meeting with a fully taken brief, candidate sourcing, pre-screening, short-list telephone interviews, face to face competency based interview in line with specific competencies and requirements, psychometric profiling (if required) together with our rebate guarantee to mitigate any risk, reflecting Parabellum Resources confidence in both service and delivery With over 25 years of experience specialising in remote fire and emergency response and management, Parabellum have become the go-to crisis and emergency responder for risk exposed mining, resources, construction and oil and gas companies worldwide, it’s only natural that our commitment to clients and candidates alike is second to none. World’s best practice is the minimum standard we will accept of ourselves.
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Indigenous Copy to come Recruitment Services Copy to come Employment Strategies Copy to come Cultural Awareness Copy to come Training Copy to come
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Strategic Coming soon Our training delivery and assessment methods include: Salary Benchmarking Coming soon Succession Planning Coming soon Change Management Coming soon Talent Development Coming soon Outsourcing Coming soon
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Training Coming soon Our training delivery and assessment methods include: Face-to-face training Coming soon Training within our clients’ workplaces or sites Coming soon Partnerships Coming soon E-learning Coming soon Verification of competency Coming soon
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Blue Collar

Mechanical Fitters Maintenance Fitters Electrical Fitters Electricians Instrumentation Fitters Welders Coded Boilermakers Serviceman/Mechanic Diesel Fitters Carpenters Shop Fitters Boat Builders Form Workers Concreters Block/Brick Layers Pipe Layers Riggers & Scaffolders Tunnellers Track & Rail Workers Labourers Trades Assistant Sentries Safety Observers Traffic Controllers Production Workers Process Workers Foreman/Supervisors
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